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Hi and welcome, thanks for stopping by.

I am Ben, I am 30 (odd) and I love all things technology related. I sometimes think life might be a lot simpler without all the technology and gadgets that we all surround ourselves with (even the non geeks). Still, all this technology has keeps me in a job and I don't know were I would be without it. I have a feeling that a few of my neighbours are quite glad I know my way around a computer too. Sometimes I wonder how non geeks make it though this technology filled world, they seem to do alright though and amazingly seem to survive without a mobile internet connection, GPS in their phone, or 3TB of storage at home.

There have been many, many incarnations of my site over the years as I have tried out new things. This is just the latest and for this I have gone back to basics a little. These days there is soooo much stuff out there for free (and some paid) that you can use with ease it seems a little pointless creating it all over again on my own site. Things like blogs, photo sharing, facebook etc are all so good, why recreate it. What does seem to be missing is a profile page to bring it all together that looks nice and you have complete control over, and here we are.

I started off my working life designing and selling factory control systems and that included lots of programming in various languages on both PC's and custom hardware. Since then I have worked in large corporations doing mostly online stuff for big web sites. While I was at Uni I did a year out in the Nuclear Industry which was really interesting.

I grew up in the north west of England (Wirral) but I now live down south in Surrey where I met my wife, I knew I should have stayed up north (sorry Babe). I have two young kiddies who are brilliant fun so our house can be a bit noisy these days.

I got into bikes down here because I got fed up with the traffic but these days I save it for the few sunny Sundays we get each year and get myself over to the famous Box Hill with all the other bikers. My first bike was kindly shortened by a lady driver giving me an excuse to go and get a Suzuki GSXR, yippie, did hurt a bit though.

Arguably one of the best (if not the prettiest) photo sharing sites on the web
My ramblings, mostly geek stuff.
Yes, I am on facebook, say hello.
I'm on here too.

Helen (Mrs B). This is my wife Helen. She is great. She looks after all of us at the mad house and puts up with me and all the technology (she has her own laptop and I am band from upgrading/fixing/adjusting or otherwise messing with it). She also keeps the kiddies under control (most of the time).

The Kiddies. They are cool, I love them to bits (except when they get up at 5am).

My brother Buzz. He lives up in Scotland now so I don't get to see him too often. He is into bikes too but since he got attached and went up to Scotland he left his bike behind (not to good for carrying the mrs and the kiddie)

Mum & Dad. All retired now (that seems so far off!!) they can go on holidays and have fun doing all the stuff they never had time to do before.

My CV in Microsoft Word docx format.

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